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HR Consulting

HR advisory services help companies obtain expert and knowledgeable human resource support without the stress of getting the right HR professional at the right cost. This can also be used to reduce the burden on an internal HR department or business. Human resource Consulting assists in filling gaps when needed and provides professional advice as well as compliance and regulatory guidance.

We are passionate about our client’s success, so we always deliver the right HR consultancy services tailored to meet your organizational needs and industry trends. We will partner with you in ensuring that your work environment is one that fosters a positive and industry-leading climate and culture. Inevitably, once employee confidence is boosted, customers will feel it.

At McDougal Consulting, we provide solid tools for management and other executives alike when formulating human resource management plans.

We cater to:

  • Start-ups
  • MSMEs and Large Businesses
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Regional Bodies

HR Outsourcing

Human Resource is a critical aspect of any business as people are the most important asset and every activity in the workplace is affected by how they are managed. For many businesses, however, the various functions of the HR Department are too complex and taxing to maintain in-house. Therefore, many are now choosing to outsource Human Resource Services for the numerous benefits it offers to organizations and their employees.

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No two businesses are exactly alike. Therefore, our services are completely customized to address your company’s every need. We can function as or work alongside your HR Department and manage key elements of your HR Department to improve administrative, operational, or strategic HR capacity. From providing simple HR advice to tackling your tedious projects, McDougal Consulting is with you every step of the way.

Our Human Resource Services Include:

  • Professional Recruitment Services
  • Human Resource Audit and Organizational Review 
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Handbook and Other Policy Development 
  • Organizational Development
  • Background Checks

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Why Outsource Your HR

Reduce Cost

Save Time

Improve Focus

Manage Risk

Better Employees

Remote Assistance

personal Development Services

Everyone has the potential to be their best selves. Having a coach who provides pragmatic, actionable results can assist you in enjoying a fulfilling career.

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Career Planning and Coaching

We want to help you build a career you love. A career coach ideally provides guidance to plan and make informed decisions about your education, training, and work. Our goal is to launch students and young professionals into flourishing careers by making them aware of who they are and what they need to thrive and fully achieve their potential.

This session includes:

  • An overall discussion of your career path 2hrs
  • One on one advice from a Career coach
  • Assistance in seeking employment in your area of interest
  • Three (3) 30 min follow-up calls

Resume Building and Boosting

We are extremely happy that you chose us to help you on your career journey to review, revamp, or create a resume for you. Building a solid resume is one of the most important steps to landing a job. A Resume is a way of advertising yourself- your unique brand, it is the first means in which you use to present yourself as a job applicant and try to claim that you are the best choice candidate to a prospective employer. Additionally, a Resume is always an evolving document, which improves over time-during your career, therefore you should keep modifying and improving on it.

At McDougal Consulting, we provide a resume that is as unique as you. Click below to view our available packages

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Personal Development Packages

Career Starter

This package is particularly for young professionals who are new to the job market and are seeking assistance in developing their resume.



Career Transitional

This package is suitable for professionals who have acquired some experience but have evolved in their career path




This package is designed for executives and clients seeking C-Suite positions




You can customize your package by selecting add-ons to suit your need.

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