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Have you ever stopped to realize how fortunate we are? We go about our daily lives as if our problems, burdens, and worries are the biggest of them all. Many people live their everyday life in situations worse than us. Hope is a scarce thing for them. Some children are abandoned, moms and dads do not know where the next meal is coming from, and people are homeless.

Giving back to those in need gives us our sense of purpose, thereby helping us to better understand how we fit into the world around us.  Additionally, it allows us to bridge some of the social and economic gaps experienced in society today.

As a child growing up with a mother who was firm on the absolute need for sharing with others, sharing has always been a part of my philosophy whether relating to my siblings or friends. It could have been one mint, it had to be subdivided to share with others around.

I knew one day, I desired to be in a better position to make a great impact on the lives of people who are in need. Most times we see these people and take their condition for granted. But for me, I always questioned the “what ifs”, what if this was me? What if this was my brother? What if this was my friend?  We sometimes bypass the little things we observe daily without realizing that these little things we take for granted can be a life-changer for someone else.

Several years ago, when I applied for a scholarship, it was a requirement to write an essay stating why I should be given such an award. The following quotation which immediately came to mind resonates with me to this day. “If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” It has always been a dream of mine to give back to those in need. Although I was not successful for the scholarship, it did not diminish my passionate commitment to provide assistance to others in need. It became a reality when I was able to donate to the Care Project and provide hot meals to the homeless.

In December of 2020, in the spirit of giving, my team and I felt it was the perfect time to make our presence felt in the community. We contacted The Care Project and asked them to provide us with a list of the things they needed. On prompt receipt of the list of requirements, with help from my team, family, friends and public-spirited citizens a donation of a barrel containing food items and toiletries along with a blender was made to the centre. 

The Care Project is a home for children with severe mental and physical disabilities in Antigua and Barbuda.

Some may question why I was magnetized to The Care Project. Here is the answer.

In 2019, I was blessed with the opportunity to engage with the children at the center while assisting my niece with duties on a project.  Immediately, I fell in love and developed a deep interest in the centre. I developed instant interest because despite the extreme circumstances of these children, they were the happiest and most joyful persons imaginable.  Interacting with those children encouraged and strengthened me to believe that the things we face are minor and that despite our circumstances we ought to be grateful! This made me emotional and I committed that this organization would be one of the first I donated to.

On (the) January 1, 2021, my team and I prepared and distributed over twenty packages which included hot meals to the homeless within the St. John’s and St. Paul’s area. It gladdened me to experience heartfelt expressions of appreciation and to see them enjoying the meals.

I enjoyed seeing the smiles and other expressions of happiness my team and I were able to bring to the faces of those in need and we are committed to making this a regular initiative. 




In closing, I would like to thank my family, team members and friends for their unstinting support in helping me fulfil my wildest dreams. You all are my source of strength and motivation.

My team Rock! I love you all

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